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Diversity has been assuming a leading role in human resources policies, so our mission now is to create tools that allow us to respond to these needs of our clients, and that is the reason why this program is exclusively for foreign professionals.

Our ambition is to be able to present our clients, groups of candidates that have diversity among themselves, naturally including local profiles but also including profiles from other nationalities.

Neves de Almeida HR Consulting is specialized in Direct and Executive Search methodologies.
We have been doing this for thirty years working alongside with Clients across a wide range of Industries and for several Functional Roles.
Our team covers the entire market for Specialized, Middle or Top Management positions ergo we
welcome you Aboard, no matter your sector or functional area.

We invite you to register in our database so that we can reach out to you more easily.

We will identify your best skills and understand your motivations, so we can keep you in mind for opportunities that may be of your interest.

Direct and Executive Search cannot be done without confidentiality, so protecting everyone’s data is one of our greatest concerns since 1991. We invite you to carefully read our data protection Policy here.

What other people have to say?

"When I was contacted by Neves da Almeida I was not actively looking for another position, although I was open to new challenges. Neves de Almeida offered me a challenge that was in line with my goals for future professional growth and gave me that push I needed to take a step forward, with the ability to analyze my profile and my potential across the board, which is unusual. The entire process focused on this point: taking a step forward towards new projects and challenges that focus on our professional development."